I am so grateful for Caligreengates for giving me the information and referrals I need to get treated for breast cancer with cannabis instead of harsh chemicals and radiation. I was guided through the whole process and I have been using the sublingual tincture with 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC, and I am feeling fantastic.

Carrie Ann Salvi / Columbus,OHIO

’m so glad I found this online store! I was interested in setting up a small shop in my state of Colorado and Caligreengates gave me all the information I needed. By far the best source of getting medical marijuana, CBD oil & Indica Strain Marijuana

Daniel S Miller / Denver,COLORADO


The process was all new to me and also the state of New York. I wanted to thank Caligreengates for making this a pleasant and seamless process. I had no idea what to do, but I requested an appointment and was seen immediately. Thanks to Dr. Robert Milanes for guiding me along the correct path and being compassionate about my health. I had my NYS certification mailed to me within four days of my appointment. Thanks again!

Shane S. / Albany, NY

Hello. I would like to say that I have had a pleasant experience with this website. They have been very helpful. I told them I was older, and they walked me through the steps I needed to do. Everyone did what they said. In today’s environment, that is a rare and good thing for people to have a genuine concern. Thank you.

Denis M- Pawling / Buffalo

You guys keep up the good work helping patients finding doctors for their medical marijuana needs. I have found the best in Mich. Amma-warren. They are friendly, clean and have a safe environment with onsite docs and appts. Made it easy. Need people like you so people like us do not get steered wrong, for sure. Thank you again, and keep up the good work.

Charles Stamper Jr / Warren, MI


I found this page on bath salts for this company through online browsing on Facebook.They’ve got all best top quality and potent bath salts you can ever think of.Thanks for coming across your service.

John Austins / Tucson, Arizona

My wife ordered the White Runtz and Gelato weed online from this company through Facebook and was shipped and delivered to our home address successfully without passing through any sort of customs.

Steve Brookes / London, Britain

Wished I had known the Facebook page of your company earlier.You would have been my weekly supply since my current company provides me with trash and craps of less straight pressure marijuana….Lol

Victoria Campbell / Wisconsin,United States


The business & customer support provided by the team is unheralded in and outside of the medical marijuana community.Finding you on Instagram was finding a success to my problems.

Nathan logan / Alberta, Canada

It all started like a joke when I contacted this company on Instagram.They got my package shipped out to my home address at the prompted scheduled time discreetly..

Aleksandra Maja / Warsaw,Poland


After several years of searches and researches on quality wholesale suppliers Best marijuana strains and CBD products, Google+ made it up to me when i founded the company Caligreengates. I bet you they are actually the best.

Duong Dang / Hanoi, Vietnam

Great product. No problem ordering or receiving within a week for being a province away. Would like to see more AA grade mix match batches. Thanks! Will use again.

Randolf Rex / Denver, Colorado

Since i came across Caligreengates on Google+ I’ve been using them for years now and not a problem. great bud great price. awesome deals u cant run from. very sticky buds and nice packaging

Stanley Peters / Montreal, Canada

Very happy to have found Caligreengates. Registering and ordering are simple, and it makes life so much easier having super quick delivery to home. Also a great way to be able to find the best strains to help with my OH’s pain. would recommend to all, and will definitely be ordering again. Thank you.

Auctan Venns / Zurich, Switzerland

This by far has been the best deal in my history 2 years ago if u came on my property with marijuana I would of thrown your a h off my property. I’ve been educated. I’ve grown up I promote the use of marijuana. Friends have beet cancer with its use as stubborn as I. Tell your doctor.don’t let them tell you

Bill Russell / Vienna, Austria

I don’t normally leave customer service reviews, but I did 2 transactions; and I already feel that the customer service here is A1. Shipping is fast, products are always in quality and they truly care about customer satisfaction. Definitely now got a frequent buyer for life, and happily got me from 2 other sites and government weed

Heisenberg Volks / Berlin, Germany

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